Ninja Nailart -Throwback Nailart

by - July 18, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Friday Whoop Whoop!!!! Time for throwback  nail art again and I have choose the  most adorable nail art back then from my box to share with you all. Ninja Nailart - *Hi yaaa* Who doesnt love being ninja eh?!? *PUFF* and they are gone. I am secretly Ninja too when my cell phone about to fall, I automatically get ninja power and catch it tee hee. Ninja nail art are one of the easy way to spice up your manicures. This awesome nail art is suitable for long and short nails.There are some quick way to create ninja in few minutes but this Mani took like forever to create - one reason could be I was not good with toothpick back then. But still this Ninja look cute and adorable and a little dangerous.

I used VOV white and Sonata Pink nail colors. I don't remember the name of black polish. I made a girly ninja on ring finger (that's me ^^) I first searched Google for Ninja cartoon images then choose four of them and literally try to copy them on my nails. That how I created this Mani. I don't have any trick and tips on this one. Now I think I choose the hard way. The girly Ninja just pop on my mind and I think it adds a charm whatcha say?!? I had tried to catch all the small little details. I manged to create star on ninja's hand on middle finger. Now looking at this right now I think I did quite good job considering the fact that I just used tooth pick. Hope you like this Mani and inspired  you to try it. If you recreate it then share your recreation with me on twitter and facebook with  tag #HGNinjaNails
Until then...

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