31DC2013 Day 1: Red Nails

by - September 06, 2013

Hello Everyone!!
Darn!!! I know its too late to post about Challenge Day 1 but something went wrong power station here. I didn't had Electricity and Telephone for last 5 days. I just got it back and  I am  back to business  right away. I will posting the pictures till day 5 back to back before I lost power and eveytthing go out of control agian. 
Day 1 challenge was red nails. I wasn't sure about the challenge at first. I went confused if I am allowed only to use of shades of red or I can mix some others colors. Then I learn I can add some others colors. Then it was easy I just knew what I want on my nails. It was Red butterfly wings.

What do you think? Aint it lovely. As I used toothpick to create this design, you can clearly see bump on black polish.I used Bloom Red, Max Black and White. This design is so fun to wear on spring.
I wanted to do this design for long now. SSo this challenge is perfect excuse to make all those design that had in my mind. I painted my nails red. Then in slighting way I french manicure with black. Then some more lines to give it a wings look. I want to try this design on some pastels colors. It will be more fun. I hope you like my First day challenge let me on the comment below.
I will try to post it regularly from now on (:

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