31DC2013 Day 3: Yellow Nails

by - September 06, 2013

Hello Everyone!!
Day 3 Challenge - Yellow Nails - wow awkward color this what came in mind :P
I am not sure about so many color.As you might know I like working with theme. Of course its a yellow theme but that was so less choice. I thought of making Bee Manicure because that what hit me when I saw yellow. But then I already have a  post about it. So I needed to cancel the idea and generate a new one. that when a cute idea strike me. I present you the cutest and adorable Pikachu :D
 I used Caiuro #15 orange, Bloom Red, Charm limit white 06 and Black 07. I think my Pikachu turn out quite adorable. whatcha think?!? I loved the show the Pokemon and Pikachu happen to be my best.

 I painted my nails orange then start making the design.  I simply made pikachu in my ring finger and tail on middle finer. I just dotted with black and red for my rest of my fingers. I absolutely love my Pikachu . I hope you like my third day challenge.Let me know on the comment!!
Please check out my previous challenge. I have put lots of effort on them Its sad I couldn't post them on time.
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