31DC2013 Day 16:Tribal Pattern Nails

by - September 16, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
Day 16 - Tribal Pattern. Wow Challenge is getting harder and harder or it just me?!? Tribal pattern are so fun to paint. What I feel about this pattern is there is so much you can do and at the same time there is nothing much to do. Whenever I do tribal. I end up doing same design. The first time I did Tribal, it went beautiful. The color combination was awesome and the design has all the small detail. Wish I would have saved my idea for this challenge but who knew I will participate. Anyway for today challenge I decided to go with just two colors. Let me show you the pic!!
Whatcha think?!? As my finger are still damaged by remover I Choose to do French Tip Tribal. The colors that I used are Camieo Purple And Charm Limit Black. I used my trustee toothpick to create this Mani. About the pictures I snap it on day light so there was too much shine.
 I loved the french tip idea. I made purple french tip in all fingers beside ring finger.Then I just made some ziz-zag lines, some little square , more dots. For ringer finger I did fish tail Mani and filled it with random small triangle.So this was my design for today challenge. I had fun painting this mani. Hope you like it. Let me know on the comment below (:

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  1. Love this! I'm always so scared I'll be terrible if I try tribal. One of these days I will.

    1. Dont be (: I know you will nailed it (; I am looking forward for your design (:

  2. Your tribal designs are great! I also really like the light purple you used as a base! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you yun :D That the best purple I have (:


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