31DC2013 Day 13: Animal Print Nails

by - September 13, 2013

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Friday :D
Day 13: Animal print. I was super excited for this challenge because animal print are always fun  Mani to do. I wanted to do Turtle print for this challenge but something went wrong. I painted turtle print quite few times but my freehand work didn't went well. It was quite a mess. I have to keep  removing and repainting. But then a terrible thing happen. My right thumb and index finger start to bleed ): (not much though) Since last past few days my finger tip used to burn whenever I used remover. Then there was dry skin and now it cracked skin. I don't know how I suddenly got allergic to remover. May be that because I have been doing my nail everyday for this challenge.Well anyhow so I settled with Leopard print as I have done this main before to. So I made it one go. 
 The colors that I used are Caiuro CR #08 Orange, CR#20 Green Tea and Mac Black with True Lover Top Coat
Whatcha think? I am pretty satisfied with the Mani. I couldn't have done any better with bandage around my finger. I love the colors and I am more loving the fact how its contrast as well as compliment each other. I wish I could have been able to do turtle Print. Better luck next time. Until my finger gets better I decided to very simple design for further challenge so that I dont have to touch much of remover. Is it normal or my skin being too sensitive? What can I do so that remover dont effect my skin. Any suggestion? I hope you like the Mani. let me know on the comment below (:

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  1. Awesome design! I must do this too some day.

    Since I don't really see where your fingers started to bleed I can't give any advice to it. Any how, just some random tips that you probably know of; it's important to push the cuticles and perhaps cut them of. I know a lot of people who get dry on them if they don't push them.

    Also I'd definitely recommend you, no I more like demand you to buy a new remover. The new one should be a new brand, and have another ingredience list. I actually think I'm allergic to a non-acetone brand so now I'm using only 100% acetone which work fine for me. I don't think the acetone gets to much contact with my skin since it's so effective compared to the non-acetone which I have to rub a lot and it feels like more gets into the skin.

    Then of cause moisturize moisturize moisturize! :) If it's really dry, try sleeping with plastic gloves with a lot of fat hand cream on.

    And yea.. nuff' rambeling. Hope you'll get better! :)

    1. Thats helpful tip

    2. Umm I don't get much variety of choices here. I use LA Girl or Paris remover is it acetone ? I do wash my hands and nails and keep them moisturize. Actually my right hand got wounded. I do my nails on left hand. since i use remover to rub the desgign. my right hands finger tips get cracked. My left hand cuticles is fine ,lil dry cuz of remover but i am moisturize it everyday (: Thanks for the tips (; I will search for 100% acetone remover (:

  2. Your nails are so nice and long! And I love your color combination, it really goes well together.

  3. Gorgeous! jealous of the length of your nails, mine are so short and stumpy ;) x


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