31DC2013 Day 21: "Inspired By" Color

by - September 21, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
From today the hardest challenge has started - Inspired By. Today challenge is color. We need to make a design inspired by a color. I got a  question here because this challenge made me confused. A COLOR. So what we are supposed to do paint our nails with just one color, or we can use shades of color? o.O Who knows?!?
Well anyway I decided to go with two of my favorite color. Blue and Black. I hope this is according to challenge. A little bit of more explanation on this challenge would have been easier to me. Let me show you the pic!!
 Whatcha think? Colors that I used are Caiuro CR #16 Blueberry and Max Black. As I wanted to focus mainly on blue I minimized the use of black polish.
I am obsessed with skull. So I have to make one in this challenge. And today was the perfect opportunity. I Painted my nails with bluebeery then french manicured with black in all nails except ring finger. With my trustee toothpick I made cross bone above the french manicure. For my ring finger I choose to  made a cute heart shaped skull and cross bone. I enjoy this mani. I hope you did to let me know on the comment below (:

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