31DC2013 Day 6: Voilet Nails

by - September 06, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
Thanks heaven I still have power and internet connection. Power station so ruined my plan. But anyway Day 6 challenge was to do something with the color Violet. I was kind of confused with the color. -Violet and Purple is same isnt it? o.O I hope so. Well I took the best purple I had for this Mani. The idea i had for this mani was simple disco light design. But the frustration was overshadowing me and the Mani keep going wrong and wrong. That why i came up with some other design that doesn't involve Taping. Let me show you the design!

 I know the lines are messed up. I tried my best to keep it straight but my hands were shaking like never before. I just create a pattern.  I don't know what exactly it called but  I have seen this pattern on shirts and bed sheets. I go inspired by lots of wired things tee hee :P

 I used Camieo Purple, Cairuo #16 Blueberry, Charm Limit 06 White And 07 Black. I Loved how the baby blue color contrast with purple but make it look beautifully eye catching at the same time  eye catching.
I painted my nails with purple and waited it dry. then with the brush from polish bottle I drew straight horizontal and vertical thick lines intersecting each other from blueberry. Then with black striper I just out line the before thick lines. I am still happy with this design even it doesn't look perfect. I am still in learning process! I hope you like today challenge. Let me know on the comment below (:
Please check out my previous challenge. I have put lots of effort on them Its sad I couldn't post them on time.
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Thank you so much for reading, Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. This looks cool and all your other challenge post looked awesome too. I especially liked the Pikachu one, so cute!

  2. thank you so much (: pikachu is really adorable (:


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