31DC2013 Day 24: "Inspired By" Book

by - September 24, 2013

Hello Everyone!!
Day 24 Challenge- "INSPIRED BY" BOOK. Honestly this was the only challenge where I knew what I want on my nails from beginning [ Of course there was huge brainstorming between me and my inner myself about which book to choose :P]. So I was desperately looking forward for it. Being a little crazy about  novels I had lots of options  I picked up recent my Read as  its cover page seems to be quite easy translate on my nails. Let me show you the pic!!

 MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN ACCRA - PAULO COELHO. I read it few months back  and I love it. It can be literally a guidelines for Life.  When I was searching my novels collection for inspiration - One glance in this book and I knew this has to be ONE!.
The colors are that I used are Bloom Red ,Max Glittery  Yellow and Charmlimit Black
I painted my ring finger with red polish and made the novel cover page which is kind a golden ring. Then I french manicured rest of the finger with red and with glittery yellow I framed Them.  It was little difficult to make circle through toothpick but I made it on one go which is why it look mess. But anyhow I love the design. I think I have done justice to the book cover page. Oh and I have been doing lots of french Manicure that because I am still having problem with remover \: I hope you like the design. Let me know on the comment below (:

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  1. Great mani! You did so well... the circle design came out perfect. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Aww thank you Tun (: you are so kind with words (:

  2. Great manicure and the colours are spot on!

    1. Thanks (: Yeah red and golden are so bang on together. But I never thought about this combo before (:


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