31DC2013 Day 18: Half Moon Pattern Nails

by - September 18, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
Day 18 Half moon challenge. Half moon - This look can go from Vintage to Modern Look. I love this pattern. There are few different ways to do half moon. I used this technique few months back and it turn our pretty well.  I am very pleased and proud to presents today Mani because I made it Free hand and it turn out exactly how I planned it. I cant wait to share. Let me show you the pic!!
Whatcha think? For this Mani I choose to do Mermaid Design [that what I like to call it] The colors that I used are Caiuro CR #08 Orange,CR#20 Green Tea and CR#15 Orange, CR #16 Blueberry  and Charm limit 06 White and 07 Black.
 I am SO in Love with the final product. I first gradient my nails in white base and let it dry completely. Then with my Trustee TOOTHPICK dipped on black polish and  then slowly started to fill my nails with small curve or "u" shape.As I don't get small circle band aids here. I actually cut scotch tape in round shape to create the half moon design. You can see some mess in index finger because I couldn't keep my patience and applied the top coat in hurry -.-"  I am so Proud of this Mani ignoring all the pain (: I hope you like this design as much as I did . Let me know on comment blow (:

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