31DC2013 Day 9: Rainbow Nails

by - September 09, 2013

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Monday :D
Challenge Day 9 Rainbow Nails - I am loving the Challenge so far. The hard part hasn't come up yet though. Today Challenge is quite interesting, Rainbow nails . I had so many idea popping in. I choose the best from them. Dripping rainbow nails. Yeah the other version of blood dripping nails. I had this idea ever since  I painted the dripping blood for Halloween last year. My kiddo gave me the idea. when I did the blood Mani she said "this will be so much  more cool in different color" and she is definitely right. I love the concept. Its look totally fabulous. Let me show you the pic!!

 Alrighty about the mess and bump - well the nail polish start to get thick and we don't get thinner in here so I used remover and it clearly shows it didn't help much -.-" I made the Mani with toothpick and when polishes  go thick it  stuck  more on toothpick rather than on nails [That pretty annoying ]. Well anyhow but the fun part is it does look like dripping rainbow right?!? I tried doing gradient but I am out of luck and nail polish both *Sigh*
 The colors that I used are Bloom Red, *nameless* Orange and Yellow, Camieo Green Elegance Blue, Sonata Indigo and Camieo Purple.

 Whatcha think?!? I am happy about the final product ignoring the bumps, but I think the bump actually gives more details for dripping part no?!? So this Mani for my Day 9 challenge hope you like it. Let me know on the comment below!!Now I will wear my thinking cap and generate some  idea for tomorrow challenge. *Poof*

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  1. I love drippy rainbow manis! This looks excellent.

  2. Oooh what a great drip mani! Love the rainbow colors... it's so fun! :)

    ~ Yun

  3. I like this! It looks real. Haha.

    1. Thank you :D the thick polish actually give more detail haha


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